5 tips to help designers when looking for a job

Holding a degree is essential in today’s world. It is an integral part of one’s resume and is asked about in every job interview. However, for a designer to be successful creative skills are needed more than a degree. Being a degree holder might not help a designer to get a good job, which is why having creative skills is necessary. Here are a few tips which will help designers gain the edge when hunting for jobs for more click  saadraja.co


Sketching Tips

Anyone interested in improving their sketching along with gaining a deep understanding of the right tools used for drawing, The Beginner’s Guide to Sketching is one such book….. http://saadraja.co/5-tips-to-help-beginners-with-sketching/


5 exceptional ecommerce web designs

Engaging and eye-catching web designs are significant elements of a successful website. They not only increase the credibility of the site but also enhance the product’s value and worth. Designing and managing an e-commerce website that gives a decisive client encounter is a challenge all by itself. Designers need to reflect an in-store involvement as much as possible to build up a healthy relationship of trust with the audience.

Saad Raja discusses the following 5 exceptional e-commerce web designs that have been inspiring designers globally:

1) The practical man

This site has used bold, solid color palettes with a compact and blockish layout which successfully gave this men sportswear site a unique and striking style. This website not only has a unique and bold layout on the homepage as is normally expected and done, but the same design and layout are used throughout the website. The information on single item pages is divided into specific grids like size, color, and overview.

2) Northernism

This site makes an unusual look by moving far from built-up e-commerce web designs, putting pictures and content on a grid that feels significantly unrecognizable. There are a lot of unoccupied areas, and each page contains a couple of straightforward, decent pictures, influencing it to appear substantially less occupied than the majority of the website.

3) Nasty Gal

This site is for female clothing, and this can be easily spotted by the way they have designed the website with vibrant, soft and feminine colors and fonts that quickly attract females. The pictures are of high quality, and the website makes it very easy for the customers to use and find the clothes they are looking for. The best part of this site is that there is a ‘Live Chat’ option available for the customers so in case of any inconvenience and problems they can contact the customer services.

4) Crate and Barrel

Crate and barrel provide the best customer service through web designs. They have features that allow the customers to zoom in and out, and view the product from different angles. A pop-up message appears after few minutes to help the customers and also provide a description of the product, enhancing the shopping experience.

5) Drybar

An incredible color arrangement matched with animations gives this site a charm and identity of its own. Placing the cursor on top of a product shows feedback by animations and also provides more details about the product. This makes shopping here not only less troublesome but fun for the customers.