web design mistakes

Here is a list of 5 common mistakes almost all designers have made even though they are available. Read more:- saadraja.co



Tips on increasing consumer loyalty through UX

Here are some tips that will help designers in designing their websites in a way that they maximize user experience through them bringing out customer loyalty: http://saadraja.co/tips-on-increasing-consumer-loyalty-through-ux/



5 free apps designer can use to boost creativity


Creativity is innate, and you cannot make yourself creative with the help of an app. However, apps can help you revive your creativity. There are apps which help you develop a new perspective by making you look at the brighter side. Here are 5 free applications which will help you boost your creativity. Read more by clicking on the link. http://saadraja.co


Keeping the essential ideas in mind, we’ve listed 4 models that will inspire you to create eye-catching landing pages.

4-great-landing-page-designsA landing page can prove to be the building block of a website as it is the first thing that a visitor observes; therefore, it is of utmost importance to get it right. Acting as a Unique Selling Point (USP), a landing page decides the fortune of the products or items being sold or displayed on the website. A significant factor that contributes to an increasingly attractive landing page is the design and use of colours on a page. Keeping the essential ideas in mind, we’ve listed below 4 models that will inspire you to create eye-catching landing pages

1) Google fonts

Captivating and appealing, Google fonts allow users to explore different dimensions of the design world by providing them with an opportunity to experiment with scale, font styles and colors. Placed on the top as you hover on any font, this feature does not require technical skills to operate; instead it makes your process more comfortable by providing tick boxes along with handy sliders that help you alter the thickness or slant of the font.

2) MIT’s technology review

Rich in history and enjoying a prestigious position, the MIT’s technology review has been designed specifically to reflect art and culture. The layout is designed in such a manner that beholds the visitor’s attention and provides them with quality information that is precisely to the point.

3) Present and Correct

A satisfying layout combined with a particular emphasis on sequence and neatness, this page landing design is specifically meant for users with a fetish for stationery. With the stock arranged meticulously into various categories that are displayed in the menu bar, the outlook of the website appears to be incredibly tempting for the users.

4) Resn

Despite breaking the rules established in the design world, Resn succeeds in creating a masterpiece that revolves around ‘The Drop’ displayed on the website. An enchanting tear-drop that stands in the middle of the page gives an insight into the psyche of Resn.

A captivating landing page that engages the visitor, Resn is one of those pages that are committed to the user’s memory for a long time.

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