Web design tools to improve your workflow 2018


Let’s take a look at the top capable web design tools to modify your results, so you get to contribute at a time and budget-friendly project with complete satisfaction. Read more at saadraja.co



stock imagery



Commonly stock imagery brings cliché images to one’s mind but what we need to consider is that recent developments in stock image libraries have led to the emergence of high-quality images which are successfully giving life to many designs. Below are the top five myths that concern stock imagery along with an explanation of why they are untrue. Read the complete post here by Saad Raja  http://saadraja.co/blog/

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Handwriting Font

Hand writing fonts

Handwriting fonts that look good are hard to find and come in various styles. They have fewer or no constraints and do not refer to just one manner of typography. The following handwriting fonts are being used for free:
1) Over the Rainbow

The designer that created this font said that it gives him a happy feeling .Read more http://saadraja.co/category/typography/

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5 free apps designer can use to boost creativity


Creativity is innate, and you cannot make yourself creative with the help of an app. However, apps can help you revive your creativity. There are apps which help you develop a new perspective by making you look at the brighter side. Here are 5 free applications which will help you boost your creativity. Read more by clicking on the link. http://saadraja.co