5 tips to help designers when looking for a job

Holding a degree is essential in today’s world. It is an integral part of one’s resume and is asked about in every job interview. However, for a designer to be successful creative skills are needed more than a degree. Being a degree holder might not help a designer to get a good job, which is why having creative skills is necessary. Here are a few tips which will help designers gain the edge when hunting for jobs for more click  saadraja.co


stock imagery



Commonly stock imagery brings cliché images to one’s mind but what we need to consider is that recent developments in stock image libraries have led to the emergence of high-quality images which are successfully giving life to many designs. Below are the top five myths that concern stock imagery along with an explanation of why they are untrue. Read the complete post here by Saad Raja  http://saadraja.co/blog/

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